Department of Public Health Dentistry

 The Department of Public Health Dentistry is dedicated towards providing comprehensive oral health care to patients across Goa. We aim to reach even the most remote populations, who are devoid of oral health care facilities. The depatment is actively engaged in outreach activities with the help of a fully equipped Mobile Dental Van.

We also aim to train undergraduate students in prevention and control of oral diseases and promotion of oral health through organized community efforts. The Department encourages the students to develop the skill of identifying health problems affecting the society, conduct health surveys, and provide health education and also deciding health strategies to solve the health problems. Students therefore, develop a positive and empathetic attitude towards the problems of the society and take responsibilities in improving their health.

Besides this, the department offers tobacco cessation facilities and provides cancer patients with dental clearance prior to their medical and surgical procedures.

Teaching staff

Professor and Head:
– Dr. Amita Kenkre Kamat

Assistant Professor:
– Dr.Ridhima Gaunkar

– Dr. Akshatha Gadiyar
– Dr. Vinayak Kamath  B
– Dr. Vinita Sanjeevan

Lecturer (Statistics): 
– Mrs. Pallavi Vaingankar

Senior Resident: 
– Dr.Soni Rajput

MDS on bond: 
– Dr.Neha Pal
– Dr.Akanksha Jain

Junior Residents:
– Dr. Atrey Pai Khot
– Dr. Elaine Fijardo

Non-Teaching Staff

Staff Nurse: 
– Mrs. Vaishali Agarwadekar
– Miss. Diaria D’souza
– Miss. Tapasvi Sawant Dessai

– Mr. Anant Alornekar
– Mrs Umali U Dhuri

The Department is equipped with newly installed, fully loaded dental chairs. Following services are being provided
– Oral prophylaxis
– Restorations (Glass Ionomer cement and composite)
– Root canal treatment
– Preventive procedures (fluoride and pit and fissure sealant)
– Basic Diet counselling and oral hygiene instructions are offerd to all patients.
– Priority services are offered to Senior citizens, camp patients, differently abled children and immunocompromised patients.
– All necessary dental treatments and thereafter clearance is provided on priority basis to Cancer , cardiac and renal transplant patients prior to their respective medical and surgical procedures.The objective is to decrease the bacterial load in the oral cavity for a better prognosis and health improvement in such patients.

 Tobacco cessation clinic:
– Assists habituees to quit tobacco (smoke as well as smokeless forms)
– Patients undergo detailed evaluation, which focuses on the severity of their addiction & use, their motivation to quit and then personalised counselling is provided by consultants using appropriate strategies to aid quitting.
– During the year 2018 , 1104 patients received counselling and achieved a quit rate of 4.62%.

Mobile Dental Van (MDV):
– Equipped with two fully functional dental chairs , the MDV has been functioning since 2011 with an aim to reach and provide essential dental care to population with limited access to health care.
– Attempt is made to visit various parts of the Goa especially the rural population, school children, children with special health care and geriatric population.
– Different treatment procedures like oral prophylaxis, restorations, emergency root canal opening , extraction etc are performed.

No of BDS Students: 50

No of Publications(2018 – 19): 02

Outreach Programs: Dental screening and treatment camps are conducted regularly targeting :-

  • General population,
  • School children,
  • Old age homes,
  • Special schools,
  • Industrial workers,
  • Other vulnerable populations.

Treatments procedures are carried out in Mobile Dental Van.  During the year 2018 – 19  about 114 dental screening and treatment camps have been conducted benefitting  11,445 participants.

Satellite Dental Clinic at Modern jail, Colvale has been functional since 2016 for the benefit of jail inmates. Comprehensive treatment procedures are being provided to around 480 inmates.

Pit and fissure sealant program:  Department is going to commence the program wherein 5000 permanent molars will be sealed in approximately 1500 children from government and aided Primary, Middle and High schools in the state. This program is being funded by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi under National Oral Health Program.

Adoption of District Hospitals: As per the proposal put forth by Directorate of Health Services, the department has been selected to enhance the dental centres at the North Goa District Hospital (Asilo) and South Goa District Hospital (Hospicio) into speciality dental care units.

Anti-tobacco Ad film competition: In an endeavour to create awareness regarding the menace of tobacco in the state of Goa, the Department of Public Health Dentistry, in partnership with the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) has been organising the Anti-Tobacco Film Festival on May 31st since 2017. This year the program was observed under the theme “Tobacco and Lung Health”.

Training the Trainers: A training program for primary school teachers in the field of “Oral Health”, in collaboration with National Oral Health Program and Directorate of Education, Goa was conducted in 2018. Knowledge regarding Dental Health and its relevance to general health was imparted to teachers so that they in turn can disseminate the same to their students at an early age, so that they grow up to have good dental health. 

Tobacco awareness camps: Awareness camps regarding tobacco and tobacco cessation counselling are conducted among security guards and shipyards workers of Goa. Every month oral cancer screening camps are conducted in association with Indian Medical Association(IMA), Goa Chapter, provided referrals and are followed up for treatment purpose.