Department of Orthodontic & Dentofacial Orthopedics

The department caters to patients from different parts of Goa and strives to realise the triple goals of balanced facial proportions, good dental occlusion and optimal oral function through the utility of Orthodontic and Orthopaedic devices  (wires). The department treats patients with malaligned, spaced and/or protruded teeth.

In addition, the department also helps in the rehabilitation of patients with jaw deformities including cleft lip and palate. With recent advances in materials and technology, the department is able to cater to all age groups, ranging from 7-65 yearsand palate patients.

Teaching staff

  • Professor and Head: Dr Nandini V.Kamat
  • Assistant Professor: Dr Sachin Kakodkar
  • Lecturer: Dr Kshama Kudchadkar
  • Lecturer: Dr Anushka M. Mesquita
  • Lecturer: Dr Neha Sukhtankar Kharangate
  • Lecturer: Dr Sergio Martires
  • Lecturer: Dr Jubail Mohammed
  • Senior resident: Dr Mangesh Kakodkar
  • Senior resident: Dr Ruby Hede
  • Junior resident: Lizanne Rbello

Non- teaching staff

  • Staff Nurse: Mrs Savita Alekar
  • Mrs Vranda kankonkar
  • Technician: Mr David Athisayam
  • Attendants: Mrs Supriya Mhamal
  • Mr Sitaram Gawas
  • Mrs Kishori Gaonkar

A. Preventive therapy
-Maintaining space for proper eruption of permanent teeth.

B. Interceptive therapy
-Habit breaking appliances like anti-tongue thrust, anti-thumb sucking etc
-Removable appliances for the correction of spaces, forwardly placed teeth and deep bites.
-Functional appliances for growth modulation

C. Corrective therapy
-Fixed braces for correction of malaligned teeth, closure of spaces and correction of forwardly placed teeth.
-Treatment carried outin conjunction with other departments for patients with malalignment who have weak gums and bone support as well as creating spaces for the replacement of missing teeth.
– Combination of braces and jaw surgery for correction of severe deformities including patients with cleft lip and palate.

D. Temporomandibular disorders
-Patients with joint problems due to faulty occlusion are treated with splint therapy followed by Orthodontic treatment.

  • Intake of Undergraduate students: 50 per year
  • Intake of Postgraduate students: 2 per year
  • Passing percentage in the last 5 years: 100%
  • Placement of Postgraduate students: (last 5 years)-Five of the ten students who have graduated are pursuing academics and the other five are are having upcoming private practices
  • Number of scientific publications: 3

The department is well known for its excellent academic and clinical work.


  • Dr Sergio Martires won Third place (Scientific paper) in clinical category at 53rd Indian orthodontic Conference at Kochi (December 2018)
  • Dr Nandini Kamat has been invited as a Guest Speaker/Keynote Speaker at various National Orthodontic Conferences and Dr Sachin Kakodkar has won several State level Chess Tournaments