Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

The department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics deals with the diagnosis and management of decayed teethand endeavors to deliver the best possible treatment options by providing the patientwith a wide range of treatment modalitieslike metallic and tooth colored restorations, endodontic treatment, endodontic surgeries, and aesthetic work like veneers, crowns, whitening of teeth, etc. The aim is to conserve the natural dentition and maintain it in a harmonious relation with the oral tissues and health in general. The department has on an average 1000 patients visiting it every month.

Before the students start working on the patients they are thoroughly trained in a preclinical laboratory, where they are taught the different conservation procedures on simulators followed by an examination at the end of the II year to evaluate the skills and theoretical knowledge acquired by the student. Passing in this examination is a must to enable the student to join clinics in the following year.Clinical work on patients is carried out in III& IVB.D.S. At the end of the final year, the student has to appear in a theory and a practical exam.

The department also offers a post graduate program spanning three years which aims to impartthe subject knowledge in depth. The curriculum for the post graduate program includes delivering specialized dental and endodontictreatment to the patients as well as academic activities likepresenting seminars and journal articles. The staff and post graduate students attend national conferences and conventions and present scientific papers. Research work and cases done in the department are published in various scientific national and international journals.


Faculty members:

  • Dr. Ida de Noronha de Ataide, Professor and Head
  • Dr. Marina Fernandes, Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Rajan Lambor, Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Jeanne Monteiro, Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Swati Vaze, Lecturer
  • Dr. Abhilasha Naik, Lecturer
  • Dr. Rajdeep Pavaskar, Lecturer
  • Dr. Mayuri Naik, Lecturer
  • Dr. Renita Soares, Lecturer
  • Dr. Aarti Dhume, Senior resident
  • Dr. Namrata Prabhu, Senior resident
  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Senior resident
  • Dr. Jaya Prasad, Senior resident
  • Dr. Padma Angmo, Bond post
  • Dr. Alka Joseph, Junior resident
  • Dr. Rukma Pawaskar, Junior resident
  • Dr. Twyla Ferrao, Junior resident

Non-teaching staff:

  • Mrs. Sheila Gaonkar, Staff Nurse
  • Mrs. SaliniPriya S, Staff Nurse
  • Mrs. Richa Narvekar, Staff Nurse
  • Ms. Celia Gomes, Staff Nurse
  • Mrs. Sushma Raj, Lab Assistant
  • Smt. Ranjana Gaude, Sweeper
  • Smt. Reshma Hadkonkar, Sweeper

Types of treatment

  1. Restorations of teeth using different filling materials
  2. Root canal treatment
  3. Bleaching of teeth
  4. Smile design
  5. Endodontic surgeries
  6. Interdisciplinary treatment procedures

Restorations of teeth using different filling materials 


Intake of Undergraduate students: 40 per year
Intake of Postgraduate students: 2 per year
Passing percentage in the last 5 years: 100%
Placement of Postgraduate students (Last 5 Years):
Teaching Positions- 7
Studying – 1
Practice- 2

Number of scientific publications (2018-2019): 03

The Department of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics in association with the Department of Pedodontics carries out restorative and endodontic treatment for patients with special needs.

The department recently acquired a soft tissue laser which is used for specialized procedures and also has advanced digital imaging modalities to enhance diagnosis and treatment planning.

  1. Dr Ankita Pednekar and Dr. Dimple Jadhaw were awarded the best paper prize for their paper titled “Crown root fracture” at the at the 6th IES National PG Convention held at Goa Dental College and Hospital, Bambolim-Goa
  2. Dr Ankita Pednekar also won the best paper prize for her paper titled “Effect of novel antioxidant with combination on fracture resistance, color stability and surface resistance of endodontically treated teeth” at the 15th Goa State IDA Conference.
  3. Dr. Sharva Nayak won the best poster prize for her paper titled “Traditional v/s Modern Access Cavity Preparation” at the 6th IES National PG Convention held at Goa Dental College and Hospital, Bambolim-Goa
  4. Dr. Ashina Kumar won the best poster prize for her poster tiled “Sodium Hypochlorite Accidents” at the 15th Goa State IDA Conference.
  5. Dr. Ashina Kumar also bagged the best poster award at the 6th IES National PG Convention, for her poster titled “Reshaping the world with a wonder material: Graphene ”.

Dr. Ida de Noronha de Ataide was felicitated by the Rotary Club of Miramar for Meritorious Service Citation as a Dentist. And was also conferred the Fellowship of Indian Board of Microrestorative and Endodontics in 2018.
Dr. Mayuri Naik successfully completed MBA in Healthcare management in November 2018 through Venkateshwara Open University.