Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge

Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge provides undergraduate and postgraduate instruction, patient care, and conducts research covering the many disciplines making up the broad specialty of prosthodontics .These disciplines include: fixed prosthodontics, removable prosthodontics, implant prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthetics, and occlusion. The Department deals with replacement of missing teeth and/ or associated structures of the head-face-neck region with artificial substitutes (prostheses). The department has an average of 500 patients visiting every month. It provides a wide range of treatment modalities to them, which includes complete dentures, acrylic and cast partial dentures, over dentures, immediate dentures, crowns fixed partial dentures, laminate veneers, full mouth rehabilitation and implant supported prostheses.

  • Dr. Meena Aras, Professor and Head
  • Dr. Vidya Chitre, Professor
  • Dr. Ivy Coutinho, Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Praveen Rajagopal, Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Aradhana Nagarsekar, Asst. Professor
  • Dr. Ashwin Mysore, Lecturer
  • Dr. Kennedy Mascarenhas, Lecturer
  • Dr. Godwin Clovis Da Costa, Lecturer
  • Dr. Kathleen D’ Souza, Lecturer
  • Dr. Amanda Ferreira, Lecturer
  • Dr. Bhavya Amin, Senior resident
  • Dr. Manjita Parab, Senior resident
  • Dr. Mitalee Mopkar, Senior resident
  • Dr. Shubham Goel, Junior resident
  • Dr. Poonam Sardessai, Junior resident
  • Dr. Shubha Sarmalkar, Junior resident

Non-teaching staff:

  • Mrs. Ashwini Desai, Staff Nurse 
  • Mrs. Clifa Camilo, Staff Nurse 
  • Mrs. Ankita Gawas, Staff Nurse 
  • Ms. Shivon Dias, Staff Nurse 
  • Mrs. Leela Nabar, Lab Assistant
  • Mr. T. Kalaichelvan, Dental Technician
  • Mr. R. Ganeshan, Dental Technician
  • Smt. Kashi Coelho, Sweeper
  • Mr. Shekhar Dabolkar, Attendant
  • Smt. Chitra Harmalkar, Sweeper
  1. Complete Dentures
  2. Removable partial dentures Cast Alloy/Acrylic Resin/Flexible Resin
  3. Crowns
  4. Fixed partial dentures
  5. Veneers
  6. Prostheses for maxillofacial defects
  7. Ocular Prosthesis
  8. Implant retained complete denture
  9. Implant retained crown
Finger Pros Before
Finger Prosthesis Before
Finger Pros After
Finger Prosthesis After
Ear Prosthesis Before
Ear Prosthesis Before
Ear Prosthesis After
Ear Prosthesis After
Cranial Prosthesis Before
Cranial Prosthesis Before
Cranial Prosthesis After
Cranial Prosthesis After
Implant Pros Before
Implant Prosthesis Before
Implant Prosthesis After

Intake of Undergraduate students: 40 per year

Intake of Postgraduate students: 3 per year

Passing percentage in the last 5 years: 100%

Placement of Postgraduate students (Last 5 Years):

  • Teaching Positions- 6
  • Practice- 9

Number of scientific publications (2018-2019): 12

Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge in association with various Departments of Goa Medical College (Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, Surgery, Ophthalmology and ENT) carries out complex rehabilitations of patients suffering from various developmental and acquired defects.

  • Dr. Sneha Gaonkar- Best Paper Award- Goa State Conference
  • Dr. Monisha KP and Dr. Fouzia Khan- Best Poster Award, Goa State Conference
  • Dr. Ruksana Farooqui – Best Paper Award- National Conference